Toyota Tundra Or Tacoma Pop Out Window Latch Repair

tundra broken window latch
Here is a very simple and inexpensive way to fix the broken latch for the rear side windows of your 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra or Tacoma.

This Tundra window fix worked for me for many years on the side windows of my 2003 access cab. Best thing is that it cost less than 25 cents.

This zip tie fix will only work if you have one side of the broken window hinge still attached to the truck. Just take a strong nylon zip tie wrap around the two window latch pins. Slowly tighten the zip tie down while holding the broken plastic connector in it’s normal alignment to the latch pins. Once pulled tightly down, slide the connector end of the tie to the far side as to not restrict the latch from closing.

Toyota tundra broken window latch fix

Your Toyota pop out window will now close just like it was new again. Even with normal use I only replace the zip tie once in five years. I hope this helps someone with a out of a jam.
If you want a more permanent solution the alloy ones below are much cheaper than getting them at the dealer.
Buy Billet Aluminum Latch Pivot Here

tundra latch replacement fix
This should fix your 2000 Tundra, 2000 Tundra, 2001 Tundra, 2002 Tundra, 2003 Tundra, 2004 Tundra, 2005 Tundra or 2006 Tundra.

Updated: Added video I made if you need more help.

29 thoughts on “Toyota Tundra Or Tacoma Pop Out Window Latch Repair

  1. You are my hero this afternoon. I’ve had two tacomas from this era and those window latches are always the first (and usually only) thing that breaks on them. This guy here sells billet aluminum versions of the piece that breaks, but some people (supposedly about 4 in 400) have had problems with them not latching closed like they should. Thanks again for this!

    Bruno: Yes. I know the ones. More like one in ten not working. I ordered a pair and the window would not close. I am glad I could help.

  2. Super idea! I just left the dealership after telling them to keep their expensive unit (they will not sell just the broken plastic piece…has to be the whole unit). I landed here looking for a used latch, but now think I’d prefer to take your inexpensive idea to task. Looks relatively foolproof. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Bruno:No problem. Glad I could help.

  3. Dude I have been looking for a fix for that for years. thats a great temp fix but where I get the latch and how much does it cost?

    Bruno: Any Toyota dealer sells them.

  4. This absolutely helped me out of my jam! THANK YOU!!! The pictures were most helpful!!

  5. dude thanks for the post, i have been looking for a way to fix that ever since i found out it was broken but didn’t want to have to take the whole door panel apart, i just put it on and it works fine, thanks again

  6. Hey Guys, Just bought a 2001 Tundra in excellent condition. Just a few minor fixes. The rear window latches my son just noticed and said his body shop price was $30 each. I just went out in the garage got 2 nylon zip ties and ten minutes later both side pop out windows work like new.
    THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! Have a great day.

  7. You are my hero for sure!! I didn’t even bother pricing one new because I’m sure they’re expensive. This fix works perfectly. So glad I did a search.

    Thanks again!!!

  8. Thanks! My latches broke a couple of years ago and have driven me crazy ever since. I finally broke down and looked on the web to order a replacement. I like your idea much better. Thank you very much for taking the time to share!

    Bruno: no problem, glad I could help.

  9. I too just left my local Toyota dealer where I purchased 20 cents worth of injection molded plastic (fan control knob) for $11.78 and inquired as to the availability of those broken plastic connectors for my rear windows. $89.95 ea plus installation so I was looking at a min. of a $300 repair cost. I even called Toyota Corporate to see if they would be willing to disclose the actual manufacturer of the item so I could by a couple sets of just the plastic. Nope, liability prevents us…yada, yada. I will give them credit though, at the end of the “no joy” conversation the young man asked if I’d done a google search for possible solutions. It was his suggestion that got me here. Sorry I don’t remember your name young man but thanks, simple solution and repair cost that will amount too oh, I don’t know, what, 50 cents.

  10. Wow im glad i stumbled upon this gem, just broke the latch on my 2003 Tacoma. And i love popping my side windows out in the spring and summer and was panicked to see that it some how cracked in half. Thanks for the tip my friend. LIFESAVER

  11. Dude, that was the best advise ever. Worked like a charm! I would buy you a beer if I could. Thanks!

  12. My latches recently broke and was looking for replacements. Luckily was searching the web sites and came across your solution to the problem. Looked in my tool box and found some zip ties and fixed the problem, didn’t cost me a dime. Thanks for the great information Bruno!

  13. WOW! You should be nominated for Toyota Repair Hall of Fame! Thanks for quick and inexpensive fix. The pictures were very helpful..

  14. Thanks! Just bought a Tundra and the back latches were broken. Sure beats paying for new parts!

  15. thank you for the Tundra pop out window latch solution. My big issue was not ordering another one. it was listening to my husband complain. i figured if i ordered another one it would do the same thing because i was not rough with it at all when it broke. you not only saved me money but saved me a constant headache my hubby gives me. and that my friend is worth more than 100 latch prices. LOL

  16. Bruno,
    Thanks you are my new hero! I rarely use the side windows and this is a perfect fix for me.
    You are a Genius keep the think tank open.

  17. Bruno,
    Brilliant, simple solution – yes, it worked like a charm!! Kudos for such a creative approach. I second your nomination to the Toyota Repair Hall of Fame.
    PS you made my day as well. 😉

    Bruno: Glad it works for you.

  18. I bought the alloy ones. How do you remove the pins?

    Bruno: I pressed mine out with a with a pair of channellocks and a small screw.

  19. had someone smash my rear quarter window, I bought on on eBay, but curious if anyone has replaced the glass, it is only held by three screws, any tips on attaching the glass much appreciated.

  20. Clever idea! I was searching for the part for my 2004 Tacoma and came upon this article, with the help of the good pictures and video I performed the fix in just a few minutes and it works perfectly!
    Thank you for posting!

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