How To Fix Slow Seat Belt Return On Toyota Tundra 2000-2006

Fix Slow Toyota Tundra Seat Belt
Do you have a problem with the seat belts on your first generation Toyota Tundra? Are the seat belts getting stuck or very slow to return to position. Well this solution works for most and is of not or little cost to you to fix.

Over the years your Toyota Tundra’s return spring pulley weakens with the daily pulling on your belt. That is the first cause of a weak seat belt return.

The next problem is one that most people never think about when they have this common Toyota Tundra issue. Over the years your seat belt swells in size. The webbing absorbs dust, sweat, sand and can even harbor dust mites like a mattress can, feeding on your skin cells. The larger size of the belt now causes more friction as it travels over and through the belt guide near your shoulder at the top of the door.

To cut down on the slow seat belt return you can rebuild your return spring and the base of the seat. This is often very hard to do. You could also just replace the complete seat belt system. This usually cost about $200 each to do it yourself or $500 each if you have the dealer do it for you.

The first approach I suggest you try is almost cost free. This involves widening out the slot of your now pudgy belt travels through. First look under your seat belt at the top slot and make sure there is no sharp edges or sludge slowing the belt. De-bur and clean away any sticky build-up on the bottom section.

The next part should only be performed on the top inner part of the slot. Cut a long narrow strip of sandpaper that fits between the belt and the top of the slot. Work the sandpaper back and forth to slowly wear away some of the plastic of the inner top. Be very careful not to scuff or damage your seat belt webbing. Slowly make the gap just large enough so your chubby belt webbing slides through much easier.

This won’t fix your tired return spring but it should relieve enough friction on the belt to allow it to return to it’s correct resting position.

If this fix does not work for you, but I hope it does, you can find cheap Tundra seat belt replacement parts here.

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