Check High Mileage Car For Mostly Highway Miles Or City Miles

Highway Miles Or City Miles how to check
Does this car have highway miles or city miles? If you want a good, cheap car or truck look for one with high mileage that is mostly highway miles and not city miles. With these tips you can tell the difference between city and highway mileage driven on an automobile.

Major thing to look for to know if a car has mostly highway miles on it.

1. Look for brake pedal wear. A city driven car’s brake pedal rubber pad will have excessive wear on the right side from all the stop and go pedal actuations. A highway car’s pedal will have a more even wear pattern.

2. Check the seat belt wear and tear. Look for lots of fraying on the edges of the belt fabric. Also look for damage to the plastic around the buckle. This shows that the car had a lot of entrances and exits that you get from a city driven car.

3. Look for a lot of damaged fins on the radiator. That shows constant fast highway driving. You will have much less damage to the radiator from city driving speeds.

4. Look at the front grill and front part of the hood for road debris marks. This is a sure sign of highway miles driven. Low speed driving will show very light markings.

5. Check headlights for similar markings. If they are plastic headlights they will have a good bit of pitting like the front of the hood paint.

If after checking all these things you should now know it the car or truck has mostly highway miles or has been mostly city driven. If you think you now want the car please spend the $100 or so to have it inspected by a trusted mechanic before buying. They will be able to find hidden problems that you can’t. You can use his inspection report to haggle down the price more with the dealer. You will usually save more money doing that to more than cover the cost of the inspection.

Thanks to Tuber YourCarAngel for his great video.

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