How To Reset – Unstick – Fix E38 E39 BMW Sunroof/Moonroof


Most 1997 and newer BMW power sunroofs work nearly the same way. Here are a few tips and tricks to get your BMW sunroof in working order again. This guide applies to 5-series E39 and 7-series E38 BMWs but can also work with some 3-series cars.

Lets start with a basic BMW power sunroof reset. This will help when the battery has been disconnected.
If you have changed your battery sometimes the sunroof will only let you use the tilt function. 1. Tilt your BMW sunroof up. 2. Hold the tilt button in for at least 10 seconds. This should reset your sunroof and give you full functions again.

Some BMW power sunroofs have a recovery and reset mode. PRESS IN and HOLD the sunroof closure rectangular slide button for as much as 3 minutes. During this time the roof will open, close, slide etc. to re-calibrate the positions.

If these steps fail its time to get out your manual sunroof crank tool. bmw-crank

roof-switch Put the ignition in the off position. Remove the interior lamp next to the sunroof switch, then reach in and gently force the switch panel out.

Insert the sunroof crank tool in the motor and turn. Some motors have the hole for crank exposed and others you will have to remove a plastic cap to get to it. sunroof-motor

These photos should be close to what you will see on your 528i, 540i, 728i, 730i, 730d, 735i, 740i 740d and 750i.


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