How To Reset Radio Code – Honda Accord – Civic – Odyssey – Element


Most late model Honda cars and vans come with a theft deterrent radio. If your auto’s battery goes dead or the radio loses power for any extended time you will need the radio code for your individual auto.

Many Honda’s have the radio code on a sticker in the side of the glove compartment. Mostly the radio code is on the outside left when you open it up. You will find two numbers on the sticker – you want the one with 5 digits.

If the radio code is not there then check your owners manual in front, back and the radio section to see if it has been written in there by the Honda dealer. IF not found, copy the VIN number and call the dealer, he will give the information to the manufacturer and they will give him your code.

When you turn on your radio after reconnecting the battery you will get a “code” message. Just punch in your newly found number and you should be good to go.

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