How To Reset Oxygen Sensor Light VW Vanagon


Your Volkswagen Vanagon’s oxygen sensor light will come on every 30,000 miles whether it is bad or not. This small light comes on reminding you that it’s time to have your oxygen sensor checked. You should have it checked. A faulty oxygen sensor can give the wrong info to your Vanagon’s computer. This in turn can cause your van to run rough, and otherwise operate poorly.

If you want to reset the O2 sensor light yourself, however, it’s a relatively easy procedure.


Climb under the front of your Vanagon near the spare tire. The mileage counter is located about three fourths of the way down the speedometer cable under the left side of your van near the wheel well. It’s a small black box with a few wires and the speedometer cable attached on both ends. On one side of the box is a protected button.

To clear and reset the light, use a small pointy item like pencil to press the button until you feel it click. Sometimes this might not work the first time. Do it several times until the light is successfully reset.

Just make sure you don’t forget to replace your VW Vanogon O2 sensor when you get the chance.

4 thoughts on “How To Reset Oxygen Sensor Light VW Vanagon

  1. thats cool man at least you made good money, thank you for all the really fast uploads and stuff, hope you have a good life man

  2. Hey, thanks for this little tidbit, I just reset my dash O2 light. Do you know, when I do finally replace my O2 sensor, can I click the button again to reset to 30k again? Or does it continue counting miles since the first press?

    Bruno: every time you press it it resets. They always want you to replace them all at the same time.

  3. Thanks Bruno
    Another satisfied Volkswaffe pilot! Pics were right on and most helpful.
    I hate flying with warning lights illuminated. Next sequence will replace sensor for sure.
    See you on the autobahn.

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